Information on my Todd line is particularly thin. I would appreciate it if anyone could supply me with further information. I would particularly love to find photos of the Todd family.
My Grand Mother:
Mary Jane Todd 1876 - 1939
My Great Grandfather:
William Todd (1843 - 1894)
In the 1891 census she was shown as a dressmaker. She married Herbert Sefton on the 19th Dec 1896 in Scarborough Wesleyan Centenary Chapel. She had 9 children, two of which were twins. She brought up the family after the seperation from her husband in the early 1920's, following his return from the war. All the family stories relate that times were hard in the 1920's and she got a job to look after the family, in Scarborough's open air swimming pool. Born in Scarborough was in the census as a bricklayer and builder.William married Hannah Pottage 10th Dec 1870 in Scarborough. They had 7 children all born in Scarborough. He died prior to 1896 as on the marriage certificate on Mary Jane it says he was a bricklayer deceased. He died in Scarbrough in 1894 aged 50.

My Great Grandfather:
Richard Todd (1810-1871)
Born in Leppington, he married Eliza (I think her surname was French), I am not sure where (possibly Marylebone London in 1838), by 1841 he was working in Scarborough as a Baker, in 1851 he was a Postmaster at No. 4 Ramshill Cottages in Scarborough, in the 1861 and 1871 census he was in 11 Brook Street, Scarborough and was a Baker. Richard and Eliza had 4 children. He Died in Scarborough in Dec. Qtr. 1871 age 61. In the 1871 Census taken earlier in the year he was still a baker and living with wife Eliza age 66 and son George age 15.
My Great Great Grandfather:
James Todd (1781 - 1842)

Born in Leppington in1781, he was a carpenter and married Mary Feathersone from Acklam at Coxwold 1st July 1809. They had six children in Leppington and died in 1842 and was buried in Scrayingham.
My Great Great Grandfather:
John Todd (? - ?)

He married Sarah Potter and lived in Leppington. I am not sure of much more information on him.
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