My Grandmother:
Mary Eleanor Sleightholme (1886 - 1936)

My Great Grandfather:
George Henry Sleightholme (1857-1919) and my Grandmother.

Married Reginald Ramsden Rivis in October 1907 and had seven children Donald, Bernard, Reginald, Dorothy, Freda, Jean and David. They were farmers at Acklam, Settrington, Marton and Harward Dale. Following the farming depression of the thirties a market stall was set up in Scarborough market where Mary Eleanor sold Rabbits and poultry as well as bringing up a family. She died an early death at age 49.

He married Isabel Fenwick in 1880 in Malton. He had twelve children and was a methodist preacher as well as a farmer. He spent many years farming at Barugh near Malton moved for a while to Sherburn and finished at West Field Farm in Wold Newton where he died in 1919.


My Great Great Grandfather: Joseph Sleightholme (1827 - 1903)

He was born on a farm in Fadmoor near Kirby Moorside and married Jane Smith in 1855. He moved to a farm at Little Barugh near Malton and became known as the "grand old man" of village methodism. His death report in the Malton Gazette mentions his early manhood was spent in Farndale and he was a relative of Pilmoor the American Missionary. He joined the circuit of speakers for the Wesleyan methodist preachers. He had two children George Henry and Mary.

My Great Great Great Grandfather: George Sleightholme (1795 - 1844)

He was a farmer in Fadmoor and Gillamoor. He married in Kirby Moorside church in 1823. He had five children.

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather: John Sleightholme

John Sleightholme was born in Fadmoor and married Hannah Fowler and had eight children he was a farmer in Fadmoor.

My Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather: John Sleightholme (this is a speculative link)

Married Anne Watson in 1749 and had four children he was a farmer in Fadmoor.

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