My Mother:
Dorothy Rivis born 1917

My Grandfather:
Reginald Ramsden Rivis (1887 - 1960)

Helped to look after her family following the sudden death of her mother. Married Walter Sefton in 1937 and ran a boarding house in Scarborough and during the war worked night shifts at Plaxtons. When Walter was injured in the war they decided to go farming at Bishop Wilton in 1947. Had three children Robert, Richard and Andrew.
Born in Helmsley and attended a private school in Bootham, York. Married Mary Eleanor Sleightholme 29 Oct 1907 and had eight children. He joined the Royal Hussars and was an excellent horseman. He married and lived first at Great Barugh and then became a farmer at Acklam, Settrington, Marton and Harwood Dale. He died at Bishop Wilton in 1960.

My Great Grandfather:
George Rivis (1837-1900)

Born in Salton, and Married Isabella Carter (of the famous Carter engineering family in Kirby Moorside) and had ten children. He was brought up a Millers son at Yoadwath Mill, Kirby Moorside. Moved to Helmsley after a brief period in Middlesbrough and ran Sproxton Mill in Duncombe Park and another mill in Hemsley town. He introduced the first turbine mill in the area and died in Helmsley in 1900.

My Great Great Grandfather:
George Rivis (1804 - 1882)

Married Sarah Bridon. He was a Miller in Boroughbridge and then in Kirby Moorside. A mill in the centre of Kirby Moorside still bears his name. George remarried to Anna after the death of Sarah in 1855.

My Great Great Great Grandfather:
William Rivis (1777 - 1839)

He married Mary Robinson soon after the birth of George. Following the death of Mary in 1823, William remarried Jane Dibb and had a further seven children, one of which emigrated to Australia. William was a Miller at Yoadwath.

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
Thomas Rivis (1738-1816)

Married Jane Leadson in Sherburn in 1765. Had four children and was a miller.

My Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
William Rivis (1703-1763)

Married Mary Croe (Nee Nesfield) in Sherburn in 1728. Had six children. Was a miller in Sherburn. Was born in Birdsall but was raised in N.Grimston.

My Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
William Rivis (1669-1729)

Married Mary Dale 6 Dec 1692 in Birdsall. Had six children. Was a farmer in N.Grimston.

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